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Fiber reinforced concrete - way more than just an alternative!

Fiber reinforced concrete is an exceptionally reliable composite material. Due to its numerous economic and technical benefits over conventional double-layered reinforcing steel mesh, fiber reinforced concrete has become a trusted and preferred choice throughout the construction industry. Our fibers strengthen concrete in its various states. And they do so with excellence.

Concrete at its best. In all states.

The capabilities of our concrete reinforcing fibers are considerably more multifaceted than those of reinforcing steel mesh. Their main function is not just to hold cracks in concrete together, but rather to control the concrete so as to largely prevent cracks from forming in the first place. This enhances the quality of building components, significantly and reliably.

One choice - many benefits.

In addition to their numerous positive influences on the quality of building components, our fibers help save time, effort, and consequently construction costs. Thanks to them, the use of structural steel can be reduced to a minimum and in many cases even be omitted completely. As a result, a large part of the placement work can be dispensed with.

Tested quality, down to the tiniest fiber.

Our fiber products conform to the "Austrian Guidelines for Fiber Reinforced Concrete" ("Österreichische Richtlinien für Faserbeton"). They are CE-certified and have been granted all the required international test certificates. On request, we will be happy to send you certification documents, test reports, as well as information about reference projects in Austria and abroad.

For almost two decades, Rindler GmbH has been your strong exclusive Partner delivering the top-brands Fibermesh and Enduro in the synthetic fiber segment. In the steel fiber segment, we're delivering quality products from STRATEC, Strahl- und Fasertechnik GmbH based in Hemer, Germany.

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